Computer Vision / Machine Learning Intern

Job description

We are looking for a Master or PhD student to work with our product and Computer Vision teams at Mapillary. Mapillary is a platform for street-level imagery. Our users and partners have contributed more than 500 million images to our platform and covered more than 6 million kilometers of roads and paths. We use computer vision and machine learning to extract map data from that imagery.

You will be working on basic research projects in the field of text recognition in street-level imagery. You will perform data analysis and benchmarking using existing solutions on our very large datasets . Then, from this baseline, research and build new solutions using computer vision, machine learning, NLP, and text processing.


You are a Master or PhD student with some completed coursework or a focus on machine learning and computer vision. You have excellent programming skills in Python, and ideally C++. Ideally you have worked with common deep learning frameworks and are able to implement algorithms using those.

The internship period is 3-6 months. When you apply, please include your CV, and a short description about of previous works during your study time (e.g. links to your Github account).