Automotive Solutions Engineer

Job description

In our growing automotive team, we need a skilled software developer.

The position's primary task is working with the data our customers are collecting and connecting it to our processing pipeline. Since you will have a lot of interaction with our automotive customers, you should be willing to travel for on-site work. You also need to be able to deliver technical presentations to both small and large audiences but as most of the work will be hands-on problem solving, coding should be closer to your heart than PowerPoint and Keynote.  


Working in the forefront of technology, as in the development of autonomous vehicles, is something that you strive for and because, in addition to computer vision and cameras, you also will be working with data from other sensors, e.g. radar and lidar, a broad technical understanding and curiosity would be helpful as well having experience with embedded platforms since there will be ties into these in the projects. 

We also want you to share our interest in the world of maps and believe that collaboration is the best way of succeeding in technology development. In connection with this, you will have the opportunity to interact with the relevant standardization forums to make sure that our input/output comply with what other players are doing.


  • Experienced with programming in C, C++, and Python.

  • Experienced in data processing, and analysis in order to understand the requirements from our customers and how these could be solved with the Mapillary platform.

  • Working proficiency in Linux and embedded systems.

  • Knowledge in computer vision (e.g. visual SLAM and object recognition)

  • You communicate fluently in English, other languages are a bonus.


  • Work closely with our customers, gather their input and work closely with our development teams in bringing out the best collaborative solutions.

  • Together with our customers collect and process data, including several other types of sensor data in addition to imagery (e.g. Lidar, radar, GPS, and odometry).   

  • Analyze the data based on requirements and perform post-processing as well as visualization.

  • Work on pilot projects with partners that involve embedded targets (e.g. DRIVE PX2).

  • Actively cooperate with Mapillary experts within different fields to define the APIs between Mapillary and automotive platforms and to deliver timely solutions to customers and partners.

About You

  • You’re curious and don’t mind traveling to new places all over the world to solve technical problems with other engineers.

  • You enjoy teamwork and customer interaction.

  • You don’t mind being busy with several projects simultaneously.